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Mechanical Design & Processing

Provide customers with technical solutions for design, manufacturing, consultation and precision machining from drawings to molding (CNC 3D printing)

  • Ensure the quality and requirements
  • Ensure the delivery date

Precision Plastics

Manufacturing plastic parts at scale without sacrificing quality or efficiency, with repeatable accuracy at scale so you can produce high-quality parts every time.

  • Provide support from granule to product
  • Delivery in line with sustainability standards


The most advanced industrial manufacturing begins with the most advanced materials.

We use our professional knowledge in material to meet the needs of different industries and appreciation of the challenge

Our Manufacturing Services

CNC Machining,3D Printing,Sheet Metal Fabrication,Injection Molding,Die Casting,Stamping And Forging

  • Unmatched Expertise in CNC Machining
  • Our advanced machinery and highly skilled team are dedicated to delivering top-quality components with unrivaled precision. Whether it's intricate prototypes or high-volume production, we ensure efficiency, speed, and cost-effectiveness throughout the process.
  • Customized Solutions for Your Success
  • Explore our diverse CNC machining capabilities, from material selection to cutting-edge finishing techniques. Every step is tailored to your unique project needs, offering versatility and excellence in every detail.
  • Precision Prototyping
  • YICHOU's 3D printing technology enables precision prototyping, allowing you to swiftly transform concepts into tangible prototypes.
  • Versatile Materials
  • YICHOU's versatile material selection ensures your parts are tailored to your specific application, whether it's aerospace, automotive, or consumer electronics. Our expertise in material science guarantees optimal performance and durability.
  • Precision Injection Molding
  • YICHOU's injection molding technology is synonymous with precision. Our state-of-the-art machines and skilled team ensure micron-level accuracy in every molded component. From intricate designs to complex geometries, expect unparalleled precision in your injection-molded parts.
  • Material Versatility
  • Explore a wide range of materials for your injection molding needs, including robust thermoplastics and specialized engineering resins. YICHOU's material versatility allows for customized solutions tailored to your specific industry, whether it's automotive, medical, or consumer goods. Count on our material expertise for optimal performance.
  • Tailored Sheet Metal Solutions
  • YICHOU's Sheet Metal Fabrication technology excels in delivering custom solutions. Our advanced machinery and skilled craftsmen work closely with you to understand your unique project requirements. This collaborative approach ensures that every sheet metal component we produce is precisely tailored to your needs, making your projects stand out.
  • Material Excellence in Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Explore a world of material excellence with YICHOU's Sheet Metal Fabrication technology. From stainless steel and aluminum to specialized alloys, our material versatility enables you to select the perfect fit for your specific industry, whether it's aerospace, automotive, or electronics. Rely on us for exceptional sheet metal expertise.
  • Precision and Innovation
  • YICHOU is synonymous with precision and innovation in die casting technology. Our advanced machinery and skilled artisans ensure the highest levels of accuracy and quality in every part we produce.
  • Comprehensive Capabilities
  • We offer a comprehensive range of die casting capabilities, from materials selection to advanced finishing techniques, all customized to meet your unique project requirements. Our commitment to excellence guarantees reliable and durable parts.
  • Stamping: Precision in Every Press
  • Stamping, a hallmark of YICHOU's manufacturing prowess, embodies precision in every press. Our cutting-edge stamping technology ensures the creation of intricate, high-precision parts. From thin sheets to complex geometries, our stamping process delivers accuracy down to the micron, making it ideal for industries demanding intricate and lightweight components.
  • Forging: Strength Forged in Excellence
  • Our advanced forging technology produces parts with exceptional structural integrity. Using heat and pressure, we transform materials into robust components, making them ideal for applications where strength and reliability are paramount

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